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Put Sexploration to Work!

So by now you've taken the Sexploration test, our hottest compatibility test., right? If not, you should!

When you complete the test, it's easy to check out your report page. Interesting reading, huh? You can get back to your results anytime by simply logging in to your Loveawake account and clicking LOVEAWAKE Sex Report on the left-hand side of your screen. You'll find convincing evidence that sexual intimacy is a vital part of any healthy, loving relationship. Understanding your own sex personality is a smart way to gain insight into what makes you tick, both as an individual and as part of a couple.

But what does all of it mean, anyway? How can knowing this stuff lead to more fulfilling sessions between the sheets?

I knew you'd ask me that! Last week we went over "About Me," the first page of your results. So now let's look at putting Sexploration to work for you.


Under this tab of your Sexploration results, you'll find out how you match up with each of the eight sex types, as well as what you'll want to be aware of when you get involved with, let's say, an Initiator. You can read about how hot things are likely to get between you and someone with a particular sex personality. For example, Mavericks are usually most compatible with other Mavericks. On the flip side, they're typically least likely to click with Traditionalists, although these two can be great together when armed with the right information. (Which is where Sexploration comes in!)

What could be more fun than checking out profiles sorted by sexual temperament? Wow!


This last page of your Sexploration results can be really helpful when you're getting to know someone from the site and things are heating up. Here's where you find the rundown on each of the sex types and how they relate to the others. If you know she's a Fantasizer, for example, you'll have a pretty valuable piece of information, don't you think? It's a whole lot better than flying blind, and you'll also get a sneak peek at the adventures ahead!


Well, that sure was fun. But what to do when you're cruising around the site on an average day? Where does Sexploration come in when you log in to check your email, edit your profile or do a new search?

Great question! The good news is that you can use Sexploration during any site activity, whether you're checking out the profile of the cutie who just winked at you, or if you're doing a Quick Search based on age and location, an Advanced Search, or even Keyword and Screen Name Searches.

When the search first returns your results, you'll notice that (if a member in your list of results has taken Sexploration and chosen to display their results), you'll see a what your sexual compatibility rating is.

Also, when you're looking at a person's profile, be sure to check out the section called "Are We Compatible?" If they've taken one of the compatibility tests, like Sexploration, you'll see how you two match up. But if they haven't taken the test, you'll see a link you can click to ask them to take that test. What a great way to break the ice!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and embark on your own Sexploration adventure. You've got nothing to lose! And you might find a more fulfilling connection with your partner and, don't forget, tons of fun!

Are you wild or mild?

Take our LOVEAWAKE Sexploration test! What’s your Sexploration type and who lights your fire when the lights go out? Take the LOVEAWAKE Sexploration test to find out your style between the sheets – then find your hottest matches!


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